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Financial Inclusion Comes to the Fore

Physical health is not the only thing that suffered under the Covid-19 pandemic. Financial health has taken its toll as well. At our May 5, 2021 meeting we showcased two FinTech firms that have made a mission of increasing financial health and security, working to ensure that individuals in financial need can gain access to financial resources: SpringFour and Canary.

Rochelle Nawrocki Gorey, Co-Founder, President, and CEO of SpringFour. SpringFour’s mission is to connect consumers to financial health resources. The company’s approach addresses the root cause of financial challenges to get people back on track with their payments.

Kimberly Gartner, Chief Partnerships Officer at Canary. Canary is a mission-driven enterprise contributing to the evolution of the 21st-century social safety net. It exists to ensure that in times of financial need, individuals can access emergency support with dignity, giving them the peace of mind and confidence to recover quickly.

Listen to the discussion to learn how the firms help people through times of financial need.