Chicago Rising

And more predictions for 2018

Chicago’s FinTech development and investment reputation has been on the rise, and we’re expecting big things in this city for 2018. Crain’s Chicago Business suggests that Google is planning a major new center here, while city officials remain hopeful that it will make the first cut for Amazon’s HQ2.

“If we fail to act on fintech, we are setting ourselves up for problems down the road. Not because the fintech folks are evil. . . but because we are behind the curve.””

“The dirty little secret of crypto is that for all its wild price increases, there isn’t any underlying economic value being derived…yet. The key word in that sentence is “yet”; it has the potential to, but we have to get from where we are now to somewhere better in 2018 otherwise we could see the thing unravel in a proper crash.” His predictions:

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